Sascha Beek - Million Questions (Download)

Release: 05/24/2014

Starmain - United (Download)

Release: 05/12/2014

Million Faces - Miami (Download)

Release: 04/23/2014

Nicolas Grey - Time - Out (Download)

Release: 04/14/2014

Starmain - Gravity/Reaction/Up REMIXES (Download)

Release: 03/25/2014

1103 Musik 2012 - 2013, Vol.01 (Download)

Release: 03/11/2014

Sascha Beek - Klangwelt EP ( Download )

Release: 03/01/2014

Giuliano A.L. (Hotel Es Vive' Ibiza Cafe Del Mar Ibiza Kama Sushi Ibiza)

"Good Sounds Thanks"


IllboyPhil (Radio Fevah FM 88.3 Newzealand) (Treibjagd Records)

"Sehr schön!!! Danke!"


Nico Pusch (Pure Records // SHM Marlow)

"nice idea, like it"


Robert Grand (additan radio) (Additan Recordings)

"Nice! Thank you"


Mag - Tsugi (Tsugi magazine)

"farbios for me"

Starmain - Gravity (Download )

Release: 12/28/13

1103 Musik Artists - From the Underground to the Club Vol. 01 ( Download )

Release: 11/13/2013

Million Faces - Euphoria ( Download )

Release: 09/06/2013

ERICK MORILLO (Pacha Ibiza) (Subliminal Records)

"downloading for Erick Morillo.Thank you"


CHRIS WILSON (Club Family)

"nice work on this"


DORIAN CUE (Housemission)

"very cool"


JOHN MORLEY (Apple Nightclub)

"Nice energy"


DJ MTS (Club Creci) (Live Mix / RadioDJ /CentralDJ)



MAC ARVID (Radio Active)

"Will work in my radioshow."


TIM WAUGH (Musik Lounge Podcast)



BIG FABIO (FM DELTA 90.3 Buenos Aires)


Nicolas Grey - Kepheus ( Download )

Release: 08/23/2013

Starmain - Up ( Download )

Release: 08/09/2013

Starmain - Reaction *Remixes* ( Download )

Release: 06/28/2013

Nicolas Grey - Foresight ( Download )

Release: 06/14/2013

Million Faces - Nice ( Download )

Release: 05/31/2ß13

Starmain - Reaction ( Download )

Release: 05/17/2013

Starmain - Gravity, Reaction, Up EP ( Download )

Release: 04/30/2013

Dj Puga - The Incredibles Remixes Vol.01 ( Download )

Release: 04/14/2013

Gordon Bleu - Klangwelt EP ( Download )

Release: 03/30/2013

Nicolas Grey - Dreamer ( Download )

Release: 01/05/2013

Alessandro Schiffer

"In my Radio & Club playlist"


Arron Jones

"DJ Puga remix!!! Class! Support"


Dj Stevie Pearson

"love this its amazing great work on this fine production big trance kick"


Franco Bianco

"Great release! Thanks for the music! :)"


Paul Jacobson

"Original mix all the way."

Element - Earthview ( Download )

Release: 12/27/2012


Alexander Bien (

"Nice work here! Downloading for
Thank you"


IllboyPhil (Radio Fevah FM 88.3 Newzealand) (Treibjagd Records)

"Roman Beise Remix is cool, thanks!!!"


SLAM (Orde Meikle) (Soma // Slam - Various)

"nice tunes - will try out this weekend - thanx guys"


Robert Grand (additan radio) (Additan Recordings)

"Nice! Thank you"


Danny-D ( (Housetime.FM / Clubtime.FM)

"nice work"


Markus Schulz

"Thank you. Downloading for Markus."


Peter Miskelly

"original mix is tasty and roman beise remix takes me to another world, will review for beatsmedia"


Paul Jacobson

"French Skies mix for me nice work."


Robert Gitelman

"love it"



"Full Support!!"

Roman Beise - Schlaflos ( Download )

Release: 09/27/2012

Million Faces - Wake Up ( Download )

Release: 10/04/2012

Million Faces - Commercial ( Download )

Release: 11/30/2011

Paul van Dyk / VONYC Sessions

I like this track and will look to play it soon.


Aless D- Sevensensis

All the tracks are very interesting and I m glad that they are all different and not versions of the same track. Welcome MIllion faces!


House Nation Radio France

Love this track, will play it on my show.


Scotty N'est Pas

very nice will support at my residency


DJ Bryant

Love this track, will play it on my show.


Ricky Crespo

nice assortment of tracks , has a kraftwerk flavor , trippy and hypnotic, very nice work.


Mark Bisson

Very nice selection of tracks!

Roman Beise - Heimstudio ( Download )

Release: 11/30/2011

nice release...


DL for VonStroke


will try mies - download by dr. motte


solid ep”


Solid work! Nice one! Like it! Thank you


download for r hawtin


Good work! THX


Böse - nice chords




Thanks! Downloading.


nice tracks!


good job

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