Newcomer Remix Contest

Tonal Desires - Stroke ***REMIX CONTEST***

Deadline: 04/17/2014

Winner announcement: 04/27/2014

Original Track:

Tonal Desires - Stroke ***REMIX CONTEST*** by 1103 Musik


Winner get a release on 1103 Musik and recieve royalities!



All EDM styles are accepted. Open who are 16 years of age or older who are not presently signed to any record label or publisher under any exclusive agreements.



Each remix we like, will win!

Send your finished remix to our Soundcloud Group!


Tonal Desires on Soundcloud:

Tonal desires on Facebook:

Starmain - Gravity ***REMIX CONTEST***

ended on 10/20/2013

The Winner Is:

Jannick Larsen Remix

Starmain - Reaction ***REMIX CONTEST***

ended on 03/20/2013

The winner is:

Jack Derillo Remix

Million Faces - Nice ***REMIX CONTEST***

ended on: 12/06/2012

The winner is:

Feliks Laroid Remix

Nicolas Grey - Dreamer ***REMIX CONTEST***

ended on 08/17/2012

The winner are:

Nicolas Grey - Dreamer ( Deejay Blast Remix )

Nicolas Grey - Dreamer ( The Geek Remix )

Nicolas Grey - Dreamer ( Matthias Kolaczynski Remix )

Element - Earthview ***REMIX CONTEST***

ended on 07/15/2012

The winner is:

Element - Earthview ( French Skies Remix )

Roman Beise - Schlaflos ***REMIX CONTEST***

ended on 06/10/2012

Heimstudio, Roman Beise, Dance Musik

The winner are:

Roman Beise - Schlaflos ( Dj Puga )

Roman Beise - Schlaflos ( Thimonoshi Remix )

Roman Beise - Schlaflos ( Loopservice Remix)

Roman Beise - Schlaflos ( Osny Remix )

Million Faces - Wake Up ***REMIX CONTEST***

ended on 05/05/2012

Million Faces, Commercial, Dance Musik

The winner are:

Million Faces - Wake Up (Dj Puga Remix)

Million Faces - Wake Up (Sash Bee Remix)

Million Faces - Wake Up (Alan Hadgis Sunrise Remix)

Million Faces - Wake Up(Dr3ws Mix)